About Us

What is IATSE?

IATSE: International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada (established 1893).

IATSE is a Labour Union made up of more than 100,000 specialty artists, technicians and freelance craft workers across North America.

IATSE Local 856 represents freelance specialty Artists, Technicians and Crafts workers in the Manitoba Motion Picture industry. Many of our members have been working in the Manitoba film industry for fifteen or more years on everything from movies of the week, seasonal specials to renowned TV shows and major feature films!

Our mission is to represent the skilled workforce in the Manitoba film industry for the purposes of:

  • Advancing the economic, social and cultural interests of our Membership.
  • Engaging in such other activities as may be necessary or proper to strengthen the labour movement.
  • Promoting and supporting democracy and trade unionism.
  • Improving wages and hours of work, increasing job security and improving working conditions.

During the past few years of unprecedented levels of film-making in Manitoba and due to a marked increase in the demand for streamed content, we have seen growth in our membership numbers and earnings, growth in our casual workforce, and increased development of specialty skills amongst our membership. We are committed to building a highly skilled workforce in Manitoba, and marketing these Manitoba-based skills throughout the world. This is a great time to consider joining our film-making community. With a highly-respected membership and great training opportunities, we can help you find your pathway to success in production.

Local 856 represents the following departments:

  • Animal Wrangling
  • Art
  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Continuity (Script)
  • Costume
  • Extras Casting
  • First Aid and Craft Services (FACS)
  • Greens
  • Grips
  • Hairstylists
  • Lighting
  • Makeup Artists
  • Paint
  • Picture Vehicles
  • Props
  • Security
  • Set Decorating
  • Sound
  • Special Effects
  • Transportation

IATSE Local 856 is a member of the Winnipeg Labour Council and Manitoba Federation of Labour.

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