Mentor Program

IATSE 856 has a wealth of history, experience and knowledge in film production that can be shared through our mentorship program. IATSE 856 mentors can be accessed to assist our members in refining and enhancing their techniques, abilities and approaches in their position. Mentors have upwards of 5 years as keys in their departments and can coach those that are seeking to improve their skillset, are looking to perform their position on higher tier shows or are simply interested in taking advantage of those that have an extended history in the industry.

When a member determines that they are interested connecting with a mentor they contact the IATSE 856 office to communicate for which department and position they are seeking mentorship. The office will then suggest an appropriate mentor, or review a proposed mentor. Once approved, an agreement is then signed between the mentor and IATSE 856.

The mentor and mentee will determine the method and schedule of the mentoring process. This may include a variety of approaches from in-person, virtual, to on and off set.

At the conclusion of the mentoring process, both the mentor and the mentee will complete and submit an evaluation form to IATSE 856’s training coordinator. These evaluations will be reviewed and may include follow-up with either the mentor or mentee.

Provided the requirements of the agreement are met, the mentor will be paid the agreed upon amount and the mentorship will be added to the mentee’s file.