Mitchell White Scholarship supports Sisler CREATE Student
M. White photo

Mitchell White Scholarship supports Sisler CREATE Student

It is with excitement and solemnity we announce that Gino Villaceran is the first recipient of the Mitchell White Scholarship!

Mitchell’s energy, enthusiasm and humour were a great complement to his committed, professional and community-minded approach to film production. Considered to be more of a friend than a co-worker, Mitchell brought an infectious positivity with him and his huge smile and big laugh is etched in all of his IATSE kin’s memories. What better tribute to brother Mitchell than empowering the enthusiastic and highly creative students of the Sisler CREATE program.

We know Mitchell would be very proud of the first recipient, Gino Villaceran, who plans to use the funds to attend Red River College’s Digital Film and Media Production program and further his career in the film industry. Gino would love to learn more about camera, lighting and grip work, and as he put it in his submission video:

“I like setting things up and helping people out. I’ve always been there for others, especially if they are missing something. For example, someone is missing a lens, or they just need something, if they need an extra light or a battery, I’m always going between the classroom and the storeroom to help people out.”

Our Business Agent, Monique Perro, along with Mitchell’s mom Margaret, his sister Sam, and his best friend V, attended a special event on June 22nd at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The event showcased the Sisler CREATE students end-of-year projects, including those who studied animation and game design.

The Mitchell White Scholarship will support students in their continued studies and preparations for careers in the film industry, encouraging their growth as members of the Manitoba movie making community. These students are full of the same excitement that Mitchell is known for and we are proud to support them in his name. 

“I want to make my parents proud, I want to make my friends proud, and I want to make myself proud. I like seeing myself grow and achieve things,” said Gino.

To learn more about the Sisler CREATE program and IATSE 856’s contribution, check out this blog post!